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7YFN - You want to know what is the project title all about?

7YFN Logo

On September 15, 2011, I picked up a piece of paper and started making a list of things I wanted to have achieved in my life within seven years. Shortly beforehand, I had come across a book about manifesting your visions and thoughts for the future using a list in order to clearly focus on your goal and achieve it. No sooner said than done.

The years passed and in 2017 I reviewed the list, asking myself what was still possible to achieve by September 2018. And: I was amazed - almost all of my visions have already come true. I have already come closer to my goal of working as a producer myself by recording my first tracks; however, I have not yet tackled the task of producing a song with an international format.

That day I decided to trust my list and started working on my layouts. The name for my project was quickly found - "7YFN - Seven Years from Now".


All the tracks have a pop, dance and deep house musical orientation and convey the essential content of life itself: life | love | joy | respectful interaction with one another.

Ready to listen?

... curious if there was an album before 7YFN?

In 2005 I released my album: Grimus 1970
With the CD "Grimus 1970", produced by Beat4Feat, I wanted to take stock of my life and process the collected impressions of my life in the form of music. In addition to smooth jazz rhythms and influences from electronic beats, I also included a new interpretation of the Austrian national anthem and quotes from Hans Moser on the album. 

... still curious? So click through and enjoy listening...

Now you´re maybe wondering whether there are also videos? Of course there are. Enjoy watching... 

7YFN - Sign, 2019

7YFN - Walk Tall, 2019

7YFN - Love you Better, 2021

7YFN - Love you Better, 2021

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