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The Saxplayer.


Grimus studied saxophone at the Vienna Conservatory from 1989 to 1995, followed by studies at Berklee College of Music in the USA until 1997, where his collaboration with Little Joe Cook, an R&B singer who once had a top 20 hit in the Billboard charts in the 1950s, the Peanuts Song - and thus became known as "Peanut Man" - was particularly influential. During this time, Grimus took lessons with saxophonists such as Fred Lipsius, Lenny Pickett, Brandon Fields (Dave Weckl Band) and Eric Marienthal.

Grimus is the saxplayer of the band Parov Stelar since 2015. He was the saxophonist of the Hot Pants Road Club for almost 20 years and also played in the bands The Bad Powells and Live Spirits for many years. His own music under the band name Grimusic is played in smaller clubs. Grimus acts as composer and producer for his music project 7YFN. He can also be experienced live on saxophone and turntables. 

As Grimus expanded his range of instruments over the years to include soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, EWI saxophones, flute, piccolo flute, flute, clarinet and bass clarinet, he was also engaged to work in orchestras and for larger productions. In addition to his solo project Grimusic, he has worked on numerous stage, TV and studio productions. He has worked with Wolfgang Ambros, Boris Bukowski, Andy Baum, Dorretta Carter, Emma Lanford, Dennis Jale, Buddy Johnson, Stella Jones, Hansi Lang, Andy Lee Lang, Mo, Sandra Pires, T.C. Pfeiler, Raphael Wressnig among others.

Grimus took part in the Havana Jazz Festival together with Iris Camaa's band, performed at the 2016 Coachella Festival with Parov Stelar.
He has also performed at Jazz Night in Zug, the Austrian Jazz Night in Los Angeles and in Italy, Finland, France, Bulgaria, Russia, Spain, Portugal and many others.

Grimus began producing his own songs in 2018 under the name 7YFN (Seven Years from Now). In 2019, he released his first single Sign. Sign was number 1 in the Superfly Radio Charts in Austria for 8 weeks in summer 2019. This was followed in October 2019 by the release of the second track Walk Tall, which Grimus composed and produced for his then seven-year-old son. This was followed by further 7YFN tracks: I Won't, Love You Better, Here for You and in 2021 the song Walking on Clouds, which was sung by Austrian newcomer and Song Contest 2023 participant Selina.

Saxplayer Sebastian Grimus with his saxophone | Fotocredit: Chris Singer

Sebastian Grimus (born 1970 in Hollabrunn, Lower Austria) is an Austrian saxplayer and composer in the fields of funk, pop, electro and house music. He lives as a freelance musician in Vienna.

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