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Saxplayer Sebastian Grimus on Sax and the DJ turntables | Fotocredit: Harry Weinkum

Saxplayer | Composer | Producer

7YFN by bernhard eder015.jpg


7YFN - Paradox feat. Sebastian Grimus

Saxplayer Sebastian Grimus in Los Angeles | Fotocredit: Chris Singer

Sebastian Grimus lives as a freelance musician in Vienna. Grimus is internationally active as the saxplayer of the PAROV STELAR Band. With his own music projekt 7YFN, Grimus has fulfilled his dream of working as a composer and producer. Sebastian is also available for live acts - especially with the project "Sebastian Grimus on Sax & Decks" were people can experience him on the Sax and the Turntables. 

Saxplayer Sebastian Grimus with his sax at a live performance of Sax&Decks | Fotocredit: Markus Schlögl

Wanna see some of his Live Performances?

If you want to get an impression about Sebastian Grimus acting live,...

Wanna listen to some Music?

If you want to experience the music of Sebastian Grimus...

Sebastian Grimus Saxplayer in Los Angeles  | Fotocredit: Chris Singer
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